How do I hang my mural printed on EasyLife Spray and Up Paper?

Installation or “hanging” your mural is a relatively simple process that can be done by the resident or by one of the many qualified wallcovering professionals in your area. If you are in doubt about your own DIY skills, wallpaper installations are quite inexpensive. Click here for a pro in your area. DIY enthusiasts will also find installation to be completely manageable.

Our murals are printed on Ahlstrom Easylife┬« Spray & Up Wallpaper, which comes pre-treated with an adhesive backing that is activated with a light mist of tap water applied to the wall. No messy paste or brushes involved. The only ‘required’ tool is a spray bottle. Since the mist is applied to the wall and not the wallcovering preparation, placement and adjustment are quick and easy.

See the easy key steps to hanging your mural made with Ahlstrom Easylife Spray & Up Wallpaper: